5 MTB Fails

Let’s face it we all know there are risks with the sport, and no one likes to see people go out with injuries. But mountain biking crashes can still be funny, just as long as no one gets hurt.. too badly. So here are five spectacular MTB fails.

The first video was submitted by @The_Willaasss


A compilation, some sketchy moments, all crashes we’ve all most likely had ourselves.

A fail on the way to work:

Bike crash on the way to work from Sirbastian Manning on Vimeo.

There is nothing worse than a crash you don’t expect, especially on a ride you do every day! Submitted by @sirbastian on Twitter.


Here’s one I stumbled across on Facebook that’s been making the rounds. A crash on the second drop on GBU in the Forest of Dean.

All I can say is…ouch.

Here are some quite spectacular fails from @MTB_TrailVideos involving lots of trees.. and other trail dangers..

And lastly, I found this one a few weeks ago, the music just adds to it. The moral of this video, don’t stop on the trails, and… just don’t get on the wrong side of that lady..

fender bender freakout!!! on Pinkbike