Cwmcarn Trails: Opening Soon

A date has now been set for the long awaited opening of the new trails in Cwmcarn. Both the Downhill and Cross Country trails are due to open on Wednesday, 19 February.

Cwmcarn Downhill2

Funded by Cognation, the new XC and DH tracks are set to offer riders an exciting challenge:

“The new Cognation project funded XC and DH trails at Cwmcarn will be open to ride from Wednesday 19th Feb. Climbing up to altitudes of over 400 metres the new 14km XC trail called, ‘Cafall’ (after King Arthur’s lead hunting hound that chased the wild boar ‘Twrch’) the trail gives you a real sense of adventure. With some tough climbs and tight hand built singletrack sections combined with some fantastic technical descents, it’s definitely for those with more experience. However you will be rewarded with some amazing riding and views of the surrounding area on this trail that will take you in to some of the more remote areas of Cwmcarn Forest Park. Make sure you are self-sufficient and expect weather changes on this technical, red graded trail.”

South Wales MTB Ranger, Bob Campbell has been busy naming trail sectionsSouth Wales MTB Ranger, Bob Campbell has been busy naming trail sections

Talking to, Darrell Axford, owner of uplift service, Cwmdown about how the uplift will work once the new DH opens, he said: “We are waiting to see if the uplift road will be suitable to use when the new downhill opens, if this is the case we hope to run one bus with the uplift day split into two sections, during the morning we will use the Y Mynydd track, stop for lunch and then spend the afternoon on the new track.”

Y Mynydd has recently undergone maintenance and received new additions bringing with it some new challenges as well as maintaining a few lines for riders to choose.

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Cognation, Back on Track and MTB Ranger, Bob Campbell would like to remind riders to stay off the trails until they are open. Due to adverse weather, riding the trails now could cause the opening date to be put back further due to damage caused by riding the trails before they are ready.

The Cwmdown guys took a few snaps of the new DH

The Cwmdown guys took a few snaps of the new DH

The new downhill consists of a good mix of berms, step downs, drops and roots, “The new track follows the line of the old club built trail down a steep side valley in the forest. Access is via the Cafall XC trail or you can use the on-site uplift service. This trail starts off with a handmade rooty section through the trees and soon picks up speed as it flows in and out of the wooded sections. There are plenty of drops and technical lines with lots of roots, rock and stumps, so keep an eye out for them and make sure you know what’s on the other side before ‘sending’ any of the features. The trail finishes off with a steep and fast jumps section before arriving back at the uplift pick up point. Body armour and full face helmets are strongly advised for this extreme graded Downhill trail,” said Cwmdown.

Head over to the Cwmdown Facebook page for more information and get yourself booked on an uplift!

Update: 18/02/2014 – 9:30PM

The XC will open as planned, but the Downhill will remain closed for a while due to the bad weather over the past few weeks, more news on the new opening date for the downhill track in Cwmcarn to follow!