Forest of Dean: Freeminers Trail Extension

The Dean Trail Volunteers have begun construction on the  Freeminers Trail extension in the Forest of Dean.  It is due to open around the second week of September (Between 9th-15th). The extension cost is estimated at £15,000 and work will be completed by volunteers and Back on Track


Map of planned extension work

Notice from DTV Chairman, Alan Grist:

“Sections of the Freeminers Red Trail will be CLOSED between 12th – 21st of August while Back on Track and the Dean Trail Volunteers do extension Building work to extend and revamp sections of the Trail.”

The long awaited extension is almost complete, and new features will mean the trail will be longer and more technical. The trail is due to close again around 28th August for work to be completed. 

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You can Volunteer on a dig day, or donate to the DTV to help their current work, and help with future projects. To keep up to date visit the DTV Facebook Page.

To find out more about DTV and their work, read my interview with DTV chairman, Alan Grist here.