Bike Park Wales: Trail Preview with Aberdare MTB

Here are two previews of what you can expect from just a small percentage of the trails in Bike Park Wales. The lucky guys from Aberdare MTB got rewarded for all their volunteer work in the park by testing out a few trails before the park opens.

bike park wales trails

Matthew Powell of Aberdare MTB was one of the lucky riders to go along to Bike Park Wales for the experience. “It wasn’t until Friday morning we had the private e-mail invites to the Sunday preview day at bike park Wales. As a thank you for the months of dig days we have been doing they wanted to thank us in the way of a free uplift day. We’ve experienced all extremes of weather from trying to dig frozen ground in the early part of the year to the 30+ degrees in the summer heat wave, but we have seen the park develop over the months quite quickly. It was a great privilege to have our group to be the first members of the public to ride there. We filled the first ever public uplift and were the first public MTB group down the blue downhill, we were guided down by club member Gareth Horsnell, who has been working there as site supervisor on the build.”

Blue Trail

Talking about the Blue run, Matthew said, “At the finish of the blue run were all smiling and shaking with excitement, it was all we imagined, it was an absolutely amazing ride down the hill, riding over ground we had help lay down. One word to describe the blue run ‘rollercoaster’.”

Red Trails

The Red route was another excellent trail according to the Aberdare MTB club. “The red route was a great run down as well, quickly realising it is a red route, narrower at the start and not as forgiving as the blue, still another awesome run. The red run was a lot looser under our tyres as we descended and very rocky in places which added to the adrenaline rush, another run complete and more smiles.” said Matthew.

The group also had chance to meet professional mountain biker, Tracy Moseley at the park. “I was quite a surprise to meet Tracy Moseley as we all checked into the uplift. Tracey was very obliging and a very cool down to earth person, she agreed to have a group photo taken with us .Tracy had just come back from racing in Whistler in Canada and this was evident because she still had the labels on her new Trek bike, which she offered me a go on, which I quickly accepted and had a quick spin around the car park.” Matthew explained.

“We are so proud to have helped out this amazing trail centre and will continue to support the Bike Park Wales team in the future.”

The park is due to open in just a few days! For more information visit Bike Park Wales on Facebook, or take a look at Cognation.