Uncertain Future for Woburn Bike Park

Today after discovering the park has been demolished, riders have expressed their concerns for the future of Woburn Bike Park. A popular spot for many riders, the area has a variety of trails and jumps, but riders are left shocked after finding out the park has been flattened by land owners due to alleged safety concerns.

Photo: Joel Joulia

Riders have taken to the Woburn Sands Bike Park Facebook to discuss a possible future, with many of the members expressing need for better communication with the land owners to ensure the park can be rebuilt. Saracen rider, Matt Jones, a regular at the park said:

“I’ve just been up to Woburn, the dirt jump area is entirely flattened. Along with many DH features. But the dirt jumps are worst hit, despite my feelings that the issues lie elsewhere. I spoke in length with the landowners and estate, and I think that in the future, this could make for a more consistent and sustainable bike park. But for now it’s a huge shock that definitely wasn’t communicated well enough with riders.”


For now there is little information on the future of Woburn, and many of the local riders have just paid their annual fee, this money goes towards insurance on the site and enables riders to use the site for the year. The land is owned by the Duke of Bedford, and there is hope that with better communication, a proper forum and riders committee, the site can be rebuilt and safety issues can be addressed. More news to follow.

Brendan Fairclough, Olly Wilkins and Bernard Kerr are joined by Matt Jones and Tomas Slavik to session Woburn Trails – Video from Tom Grundy Media.



The Woburn Sands Bike Park is temporarily closed for approx 3 weeks but we will confirm as soon as we can re-open. There are no exceptions to this, so please respect this. Note. It’s for your own safety due to tree felling activity. 

Update from Woburn Sands Facebook Group:

All dirt jumps have been flattened, and by the looks of it they are working up the hill into the DH areas too.

– There is NOT ONE PERSON OR GROUP to blame – this was a collective negative against the park over many years, and was due to happen at some point

– Tree felling of dangerous trees in the bike park will start this week, unfortunately this has led to tracks and jumps being destroyed for access

– Most of the trees along the cliff edges are being removed, along with many scattered around the park (hence other parts being flattened)

– Please NO ONE do any digging/building in the park – this will be a WASTE OF TIME and will get demolished

– A proper COMMITTEE will be formed for the bike park, to ensure that future endeavours in the area will be governed, allowing positive progression for the park

– ALL IS NOT LOST!! its devastating to see that so many years of hard work can be pulled down in a day, but it was overdue, and now is the time to change the way things are done to prevent this from happening again!!

There will be a group of locals that will correspond with the land owners and the greensands trust over the next few weeks to make a start on rebuilding!