One Year in and One Room Down – The Master Bedroom

It’s just over a year since we moved into our first home. It’s hard to see the changes when you’re living in a place but looking back, and when you stop and think a lot has changed since we moved in. For the moment I’m just going to focus on the master bedroom because it’s […] Read more…

fi somb

Sombrio Drift Short and Burst Jersey – Review

Founded in 1998, Sombrio has deep roots in the mountain biking world. Formed in the late eighties, and born during the early freeride movement, the Canadian brand pioneered kit unlike anything else available at that time. Their freeride core is still evident today and despite the¬†sale of the brand back in 2014, Sombrio stayed true […] Read more…

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Leo Jaegle, 16 and Killing it – Interview

There’s a lot to be said for knowing what you want to do when you’re so young, with many of us spending years trying to figure out what it is we want to do. But for others, blessed with talent, that decision becomes a little easier to make. Leo Jaegle is only 16 yet he’s […] Read more…

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