An introduction to mountain bike racing

Mountain bike racing isn’t as scary as it sounds. No really it isn’t. For some it’s like Marmite they tried it, they hated it, and they’ll never try it again. For others, the rush, the excitement, the nerves and adrenaline are all too much to pass up. The kick you get from racing is completely unlike […] Read more…


Review: 2010 Norco Shore 2

I got the bike in January 2012 from Don Skene cycles . I won’t lie and say I got it for the spec, I knew nothing about mountain bikes when I got it (unfortunate theft of one bike led to me getting this one) I bought it because it was red, and it looked awesome. […] Read more…


Pros and Cons of Winter Rides

Although it feels like winter hasn’t truly gone this year, it’s already back with a vengeance. Cold dark nights and wet windy days are undoubtedly here to stay. This coming Sunday (28th) will see the clocks go back at 2am. And although this is great news for those of us who will enjoy that extra hour in […] Read more…

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