Bikelife #1

I asked if people would be interested in reading a more ‘personal’ type of post on my site, and lots of you said yes, so here it is!

I was so excited to go riding on Tuesday, the last time I got out on the bike was the Mini Downhill back in Feburary. I had an awesome race weekend, but it made me realise that I haven’t been riding enough to be at race pace. I chose to race it because I absolutely love corkscrew! It’s a fast, short track, but good fun. The bottom section is my favourite bit of track in the Forest of Dean.

Photo: John Perkins Photo: John Perkins

Due to the lack of bike time lately, my fitness has pretty much got up, walked out and left me. I also gave blood for the first time on Monday, so this may have had something to do with me feeling really faint. It was really disappointing, but I’ve had so much work lately, I’ve pretty much become conjoined with my laptop! It wasn’t all bad though, I popped into Dirt HQ to catch up with the guys, and brought them the biggest bag of Yorkshire Tea I could find (cheers, Makro.)


Hopefully, 1200 tea bags should keep them going for a while! I took a quick trip to the Forest of Dean to try out my new tripod and see if my camera was up for the job of filming my documentary, sadly it’s not great for video, but getting out, even if it was just to enjoy some sunshine was worth it. I need to make more effort to get some riding done, even if it’s down the road, but getting my work done means I will have more time to enjoy riding once it’s finished. I haven’t got a bike of my own at the moment, but I’ve been lucky enough to ride a few different bikes in the last few months; including the YT TUES 2.0 Pro and a Polygon Colossus 2.0.



I’m enjoying having the opportunity to ride different bikes, rather than sticking with one – it mixes things up and makes me more aware of different set-ups, products, angles and sizes. Hopefully the next bike on the list will be an enduro bike, meaning I can get some ups as well as downs in!

I’ll be filming more of my documentary this week, and working on other uni work, and I will make an effort to at least take a ride down the road! Sitting inside looking out at the sun is pretty much torture…