BikeLife #6 – The Amazing Women of MTB

Today I got some news that quite honestly made me question a lot of things, but instead of dwelling too much on the bad, I wanted to focus on something good – the women on MTB (I love you too gents, but this is about the women) and more specifically the women I’ve had the opportunity to interview over the years. So here is a list of the amazing women in all areas of mountain biking that I’ve had the chance to talk to in the past few years:

  1. Rachel Atherton
  2. Manon Carpenter
  3. Emmeline Ragot
  4. Katy Curd
  5. Annika Langvad
  6. RedzBetz
  7. Katy Winton
  8. Angie Hohenwarter
  9. Valentina Holl
  10. Anneke Beerten
  11. Hannah Myers
  12. Emily Horridge
  13. Anna Glowinski
  14. Juliet Elliot
  15. Tahnee Seagrave 

You can also find more interviews with women in the MTB world, over on Wideopen Mag, here. I used to run a feature with them called ‘Wideopen Women’s Wednesdays’ – at a time when there was no Total Women’s Cycling and coverage of women’s MTB was limited, this was a way of showcasing women in MTB.

Here’s to more years of mountain biking, and to all the inspirational women on two wheels!