House Plans for 2019

When I say plans, I use that term very, VERY loosely. I suppose this is more of a wishlist of things I’d love to happen this year. We’re already in February and working on bedroom two (it’s nearing completion, hurray!) So, here’s a little look at my building site, and the things I’d like to be a little less construction chic by the end of the year. 

The Dining Room

I know what you’re thinking, ‘whaaat, you want to renovate that?’ I know, I know, it’s so rustic (she says, lying AND talking to herself in order to feel better). This, ladies and gents is, no, will be, the dining room one day. I have plans, big plans and no money. But one day it’s going to look amazing.

Picture the scene, log burner in that boarded over hole, awesome wallpaper, dark painted wood around the stained glass window. The bricks will be clean and sealed. I’ve even got a massive clock (I said clock, ok) ready bought and waiting to be hung in its home. It’s going to be an industrial vintage mashup. One day. This girl can dream. 

The Bathroom of Dreams

I make no apologies for not cleaning up. Ok, no, I lied. I do, I’m sorry, ok!? But, look at it. If that’s not living the dream I don’t know what is. Concrete feature wall, 80s sink, golden shower and hole in the wall. What’s not to like? At least I made an effort to spruce it up with my Peace Lily. 

If that doesn’t spark joy, I don’t know what will. But yes, for here. Again, stay with me and use your imagination. The main wall will have tiles halfway (ish) up, the same with the wall with the radiator. The shower will remain where it is, but a lot less golden. Instead, it’s this absolute beaut from Soak.

Now that really does spark joy, a whole load of it and I’m so excited. I would ideally like to have a tiled floor, underfloor heating, a new window and a few other things. The sink will be a beautiful singer sewing machine table which I picked up from Ebay. I’m a little bit obsessed with them and would like to turn one into a dressing table too.

Here’s my Pinterest board for the kind of vibe I’m going for. I haven’t decided on tiles for the walls yet. I do love the Lampas peacock tile, but I can’t decide whether my bathroom is too dark, so I’m playing with lighting ideas and trying to figure a few things out. I am quite a believer in just going for things you love, that when you look at them you just feel this overwhelming sense of the fact you have to have it. I love it when a space makes you feel that way. 

Other Jobs

Otherwise, and not so much room wise, there are some jobs we need to get sorted. For one, our flat roof, all 26sqm of it needs to be coated in something to protect it. 

We also need to replace a few of the windows, the kitchen and small bedroom being a priority. Whether this happens, we’ll see but I’m hopeful. Then there are the little jobs, but they aren’t so important. We try to get things done when we have time and money, and as most of you know those two things don’t often happen at the same time. 

So here’s to renovation, making plans and #gettingthere (the unofficial # of any project and what I say when anyone asks how the house is getting on). What are your renovation plans for the year ahead? 

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