My Most Recent Work

To make things as easy as possible, I’ve collated things into one post. Here are some of the highlights and links to my work over the past two years.

Beameo Bikes

Beameo Bikes About Us website copy

I worked closely with the Beameo team to create something a little different. The concept was to create something fun and straightforward, to make cycling more accessible.

I worked on the content for the website, including the about us, bike descriptions, as well as ongoing blog content. I was pleased they liked my idea of creating a sort of dating profile for each bike. The idea behind this was to help make it easier to choose a bike that matches a certain lifestyle and need.

EMBN: The Electric Mountain Bike Network

Steve Jones and Adam Walda, EMBN presenters

From March-June 2023 I worked with the EMBN team to write scripts for the weekly shows (272-283). This involved putting together electric mountain bike news, either from press releases or doing my own research. I provided suggestions for things to include and focused heavily on building audience engagement.

See the EMBN weekly shows here.


Litelok UK homepage

I’ve worked with Litelok since August 2022. I work with the brand on website copy, monthly social copy, newsletters and blogs. I worked alongside them during the launch on their X range to help with copy for all aspects on the launch.

Since regularly posting on their socials, their reach and following has increased on both Instagram and Facebook. We post twice a weekly consistently as well as posting regularly on stories.


I was commissioned to create a press release and discussion guide for the release of Canyon’s ‘This Ride: Emily Chappell and Jenny Tough’ video. The video documents the pair’s struggles with body image, opening up about their individual experiences and giving others the opportunity to do the same.

Singletrack Magazine

Singletrack website screenshot showing two Vitus team riders for a feature about Vitus Bikes

For a while I worked with Singletrack on their news team posting daily news, giving Singletrack readers fresh news to come to when visiting the site throughout the day.

I still have a good relationship with the team and regularly work with them on features, such as this feature for Vitus Bikes. You can see all my posts here.