RADAR: Helping Residents in their Time of Need

RADAR was started in 2016 by a group of residents who wanted to improve their area. Now, in 2020 amid the Coronavirus outbreak, they are doing what they can to help.

Stephanie Lynch, one of the founders of RADAR explains what they do, “RADAR seeks to improve the community around us. We believe in the people of Aberavon. We recycle, campaign for better community standards and help residents take pride in their area. We started by organising litter picks and working with local councillors to try and make a difference in the ward.”

Since their inception, the group have volunteered to do a lot around Port Talbot. From small beginnings, they now do free children’s parties, petition to local councillors and raise funds for local food banks.

Six people make up the core group of volunteers, but litter picks can see around 15 people give up their time to help. Currently, RADAR has 32 registered volunteers.

Due to the current Coronavirus crisis, RADAR has come together to help their community.

“The main bulk of our volunteers have been carrying out shopping, prescription pickups, driving residents to hospital appointments etc,” explains Stephanie.

The group hope to work with Neath Port Talbot Council to kick-start their street champion initiative in which ‘street champions’ would be appointed to support the most vulnerable people within the community. Something they hope to continue once the current crisis has passed.

“The council were going to fund the leaflets for the champions to hand out, however due to a change in role, that’s currently on hold. RADAR are still managing the street champions for Aberavon, so we’re waiting to see if the council will help once there is someone there to do so,” she says.

RADAR donating £500 to a local old people’s home

It’s great to see the community come together in these difficult times, something Stephanie is in awe of.

“You could walk past someone on a street who is a volunteer with RADAR and you might never know. Most volunteers have said ‘anything that needs doing – ask.’ Earlier a volunteer took a resident to a hospital appointment. She picked up her prescription beforehand, went to pick the lady up, took her to the hospital, waited outside, and then took her home. All that for someone she has never met,” she says.

If you’d like to get involved you can find them on Facebook.