The MTB Tribe Podcast

I had the pleasure of being invited on the MTB Tribe Podcast by host Gareth. We had a chat about my career so far, what it’s like working within the MTB industry and a little bit about the women’s side of things in the sport.

Here’s an overview of the episode:

Find Out:

  • How Lauren got started in journalism
  • What publications Lauren has worked for
  • How Lauren got work with Wide Open Magazine and what it was for
  • Why Lauren started mountain biking on a downhill bike
  • What Lauren’s local area and scene are like
  • Why Lauren loves mountain biking so much
  • What kind of journalism work Lauren does on a daily basis
  • How Lauren normally works with the different publications
  • What different skills Lauren can offer and how she is continually updating her skill base
  • How Lauren thinks the scene has improved for females getting into the sport & what the brands etc. are doing to help with this
  • Freedom Machine and travelling around Switzerland
  • What Lauren thinks the future of mountain biking looks like
  • Future plans for Lauren
  • How to get in contact and keep up to date

Have a listen and tell me what you think! Go check out the podcast too, there’s loads of great content and interesting guests.