Five Must Have Home Décor Items for the Keen Cyclist

More often than not life on two wheels has a funny way of making its way into the home. Here are just a few examples of the amazing bespoke and handmade MTB and cycling products available to inject your passion into your home décor. 

1. Bspoked bicycle Furniture

Bspoked are a company based in South Wales. The aim of Bspoked Bicycle Furniture is to produce quality hand made furniture from discarded bicycles. An unusual concept, but helping to reduce this countries carbon emissions and reduce landfill.

The company is a not for profit regional strategic project part funded by the European Social Fund. It aims to  promote vocational, employment, skills training and lifelong learning opportunities for individuals who are currently economically inactive as a result of illness, disability, (Mental Illness, Learning Disability, Physical Disability, Sensory Impairment) substance misuse problems and/or the serious social disadvantage associated with the transition from long term care into adulthood.

If you fancy a new patio set or quirky chair then check out their Facebook page for more details.


2. Sweet Nature Designs 

Based in Seattle, they offer some really great cycling themed products, such as tea towels, cushions, pillow covers and ring holders. The company is run by designer Beth Tobey, and their Etsy store has been running since 2008. If you’d like to add a little bit of colour to your kitchen or lounge, they make some great products for cycling lovers. 


You can buy their products from the Etsy store. And visit their site, or Facebook for more information.


3. Ladybug Press

Ladybug Press have coasters perfect for the bike lover. Based in Idaho, Ladybug are a printing studio that create a number of different products. Graphic Designer Angela R. Stewart runs the studio , updates the blog and designs new products. 


To buy these visit the Etsy shop. Also visit their website here.

Set of eight coasters (mixed set) Set may not contain all the designs.

• 3.5 inches square, Flat (blank on back)
• 2 ink colors [Grey + Bike color]
• Printed on heavy duty coaster stock, approximately 2mm thick. These are good for multiple uses. And the ink will not run.

4. Vital Industries

Vital industries were founded in 2006. They are a creative company who do Screen-printing, fashion design, crocheting, quilting, candle making, embroidery, painting, dyeing, and photography. They create some striking glassware that cycling nuts are guaranteed to love. Enjoy a glass of wine out in the garden or perhaps a pint of something cold in the glasses pictured below. 


Find out more about Vital and their products on their website, and on Facebook.


5. Facaro – The connect series.

If you want a no expenses spared centre piece that is guaranteed to make people speechless, and other cycling friends jealous, then you NEED one of these. They don’t come cheap, but they are hand-crafted and absolutely beautiful. Each piece is worth every penny: ” All chandeliers are previously created sculptures not in stock. Caro hand crafts each chandelier upon order.  Please note that due to the recycled nature of the material, no two can be exactly identical, ultimately making them on of a kind.”


Carolina Fontoura Alzaga is the artist behind these breathtaking pieces. She uses recycled bike parts to create aesthetically pleasing, professionally finished chandeliers. Each piece is made to order, and can take up to a few weeks. Obviously they aren’t cheap, but considering the time and effort that goes into them, they really are priceless. To buy visit the website, or the Etsy store. There is plenty of information on the site on how to purchase, and about the designer and her work.  


There are amazing items popping up all over the web from talented designers,  it’s worth taking a look on social networks and sites like Ebay and Etsy for people selling great products like these, or even trying to make your own out of old bike bits you have lying around at home.

So whether you fancy one of these for yourself, or know of a keen cyclist who has a birthday coming up, then I suggest taking a look at the companies above to get  the cyclist in your life something they are guaranteed to love.

If you think I’ve missed an absolute must have item for those who like to bring their love of two wheels into every aspect of life, or design something yourself then please leave a comment below.